Presentation Matters!

place for wedding ceremony in yard Most people think that being a DJ is all about fun and having a good time…..NOT!!!    Don’t get me “IS” about having fun and a good time at the event, but plenty of hard work goes into being a successful DJ/Entertainer. I’ve always taken pride [...]

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Can We Talk?

Gorgerous bride walking to wedding ceremony on the beach with bouquet. Beautiful hawaii wedding. Tropical carribean wedding moments. Don’t you just love technology?  “I DO”. I guess I get a little frustrated when people complain about social media,texting, skype, or any other type of instant messaging. The reason I love it is that it [...]

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Proper Wedding Etiquette….

Romantic and sensual couple beautiful bride and groom dancing and kissing closeup As many weddings as I get to perform for my clients, I can never understand why most people do not understand basic etiquette and respect for the bride and groom on their wedding day. So if I may, I would like [...]

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